Finding your organisation’s critical success factors


Understanding, measuring and managing critical success factors, is increasingly important to ensuring the survival and future prosperity of organizations, in these times of economic recession and uncertainty.

Most organizations know their success factors, however few organizations have:

  • worded their success factors appropriately
  • segregated out success factors from their strategic objectives
  • sifted through the success factors to find their critical ones – their critical success factors
  • communicated the critical success factors to staff

It is the CSFs, and the performance measures within them, that link daily activities to the organization’s strategies. Please click here for more information.

Two one-page articles on critical success factors

  1. The guiding force
  2. The C factor

Implementation of Winning KPIs in an SME

During workshops which I deliver I have been asked by attendees from small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) about my advice on a simpler truncated process for implementing ‘winning KPIs’ organisations with say less than 250 employees.

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